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Closed 1922

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The Bell next to The Cherry Tree

On this c1905 photo of the Cherry Tree you can see the sign for the Bell (partially obscured by the tree). In the 1901 Directory it is described as "Bell Hotel" It is now the Bell Yard social housing complex.

Cherry Tree

Norfolk Pubs

Cherry Tree, November 2012

Recent refurbishment work prior to the reopening has revealed the old name "Cherry Tree Market Inn"

Cherry Tree Market Inn 1950

Cherry Tree just before closure

Nancy and Dougie
Nancy and Dougie Turner
kept the Cherry Tree from 1965 until they retired in October 1985. This photograph shows them behind the bar with the pipe smoking compiler of this website who suceeded them as licensee.

Ladies not Laddys
Hims Ancient and Modern

It was the bane of Dougie's life that the general public used his outside toilets, but he kept his sense of humour, calling them "Ladies not Laddys" and "Hims Ancient and Modern." At one time there was a Durex machine in the Gents but it got broken into so many times that Dougie started selling them across the bar. The Ladies was kept locked, so that it was necessary for lady customers to ask for the key at the bar, which was a bit embarrassing for some.

Royal Oak, Fakenham

Before taking over the Cherry Tree Nancy and Dougie kept the Royal Oak, Fakenham. It is now an estate agents.

Official  opening

Frank and Gina Shaw took over the Cherry Tree when Nancy and Dougie retired. After extensive alterations to the premises, including installing inside toilets and enlarging the lounge bar there was was an official opening night. The photo shows  Frank's Mum, Winnie, with stepfather Bryan looking on (with flat beer!!) pulling the first pint to celebrate the end of the refurbishment programme. Bryan, sadly is no longer with us, but Winnie kept active into her 80s helping her other son in the Churchill Club.

Some of the Regulars in the Frank and Gina Period

Cashfield Brothers

Steve and Tony

Geoff in party hat

Geoff in party hat

Jack Baker and Ronnie Billman

Jack Baker and Ronnie Billman

Robin and Yvonne

Robin and Yvonne

Dickheads What a condom is for Dickhead

JoJo - Landlady Sept 99 - July 02
Mary Mary - Landlady July 02 - Jan 04

Two Happy Punters

Two happy punters, 22 March 2002

Grandad John

Happy punter 22 March 2004
Sadly - no longer with us

Carla Number 1

The Tuck Family

Kelly's 1883(9) entry - Tuck, Mahershalalhashbaz, Cherry Tree, Theatre Street

When, in January 1943, Ernest John Tuck retired after 50 years as landlord of the Cherry Tree it ended 91 years of the Tuck reign.  Ernest was preceded as landlord by his father 'Maha' and he by his father John (2,8).
This poem explains how 'Maha' came by his unusual name.