Five High Street Pubs

Lord Nelson | Bull | Oxford Inn | Green Man | Greyhound

High St 1906

Map images produced from the service with permission of Landmark Information Group Ltd . and Ordnance Survey

High St looking north c.1905

Five Pubs in the High Street - heading towards the Maket Place the Greyhound (45, High St) was on the right, the Green Man was just beyond on the left followed by the Oxford (32, High St). The Bull a little further on the right and the Lord Nelson was at the far end also on the right.

Lord Nelson (Closed 1966)

Number 4 on 1757 map
Norfolk Pubs

Lord Nelson, early '60s

Lord Nelson - 50/60s

Town sign and Lord Nelson pub sign,
another Bullards house
(late 50's - early 60's)

Nelson Place

Nelson Place shopping precinct where the pub once stood.
Part of the Town sign in top left hand corner.

Kelly's 1883 entry - Hendry, Cornelius, Lord Nelson, High street (9)

The Bull


Norfolk Pubs
Number 6 on 1757 map

The Bull, May 2004

Coronation? Armistice?

These gentlemen are striding purposely out of town.
Probably something to do with the 1904 Agricultural Show (See page 9 of (2))
They could have had a drink in The Bull, on the right.

Watneys closed the Bull in 1969, it re-opened about 10 years later as a Freehouse. Later Greene King took it over, they run it as a managed house.

The Bull before the High St was 'one-wayed'

Before the High St was 'one-wayed'
Kelly's 1883 entry - Hurn, James, Bull, High street (9)

Oxford Inn (closed 1909)

Norfolk Pubs

Kelly's 1883 entry - Butter Henry, The Oxford, High street (9)

Green Man (Closed 1917)

Number 9 on 1757 map
Norfolk Pubs

Site of the Green Man

Following the demolition of the Gilbert Rice site in preparation for a major shopping
development an archaeological dig has started on the foundations of the Green Man
as seen in these photos taken 25 Feb 2004
Kelly's 1883 entry - Dickerson George, Green Man, High street (9)

Greyhound Inn (Closed 1934)

Norfolk Pubs

(Kelly's 1922 also shows George Bowles as landlord, it appears that it was kept by father and son for 45 years - 1875-1923)
Kelly's 1883 entry - Bowles George, Greyhound inn, High street (9)