Baxter Row

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Rose Inn, Royal Standard, Light Horse

London Tavern - 1882 Map

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Rose Inn

Baxter Row, Closed 1962

Number 8 on 1757 map
Norfolk Pubs

Baxter Row c.1905

Site of Rose Inn

Kelly's 1883 entry - Wells, William, Rose, Baxter Row (9)


Royal Standard

Baxter Row (Closed 1982)

Norfolk Pubs

Royal Standard early 1900s

Original Royal Standard early 1900's, on the right is Edward Wacey the licensee (1901-1905) (8) on his right is Sidney Brunton, his son-in-law. (Photo published with permission of Edward Wacey's granddaughter)

The original Royal Standard, October 2005

Original Royal Standard October 2005, now a private dwelling

Name still just visible

Name still just visible

Kelly's 1883 entry - Jacobs, Isaac, Royal Standard, Baxter Row (9)


Light Horse

Baxter Row (Closed 1982)

Norfolk Pubs

Light Horse, early '60s

Coach trip from the Light Horse - 1950s?

Kelly's 1883 entry - Rumble, William, Light Horse, & smith, Baxter Row (9)


Royal Standard (New)

Royal Standard 2004

The Light Horse was closed by the brewery in 1975 but was re-opened as a Freehouse some years later. Norwich Brewery then took it on again in 1982 and closed the Royal Standard. The licensees, Margaret and Stanley Pettit, moved from the Royal Standard into the Light Horse premises and took the Royal Standard name with them.

Jayne and Geoff Fossitt

After having been closed for a number of years the Royal Standard re-opened on 9 October 2005. Licensees Geoff and Jayne Fossitt have carried out extensive refurbishment which includes a separate games room with pool table and large screen TV. Geoff and Jane previously spent 10 years at the Red Lion, Thetford and 2 years at Wendling Rose.


London Tavern

Baxter Row (now Southend)
Closed 1920

Norfolk Pubs

A 17th century tavern which closed c1919 and became 'The Hermitage' (8)

My friend Sid Stokes, remembers the building from his youth. It was a thatched building and it was necessary to go down three steps to enter what used to be the bar area. A Mrs Draper lived there, her sister kept the shop opposite.

Location of the London Tavern

Kelly's 1883 entry - Large, Mason, London Tavern, Baxter Row