White Lion (closed 1915)
Crown Inn (closed 1970)

Church Street

Norfolk Pubs
Norfolk Pubs

White Lion, Church St

Kelly's 1883 (9) entries

Fox, John, White Lion, Church street

Kirk, William, Crown, & carpenter, Church street

Bomb damaged White Lion

On the night of 8 September 1915 a German Zeppelin bombed Dereham causing considerable damage and killing five people. The White Lion was so badly damaged that it never again opened as a pub. The Inland Revenue building now stands on the site. (6) In this photograph the name over the door is James ? This would be James Eglen licensee 1895 - closure. (8)

Plaque about 1915 raid

This plaque set into the wall in St. Withburga Lane commemorates the Zeppelin raid

Zeppelin painting

This little painting (dated 1918) was copied from the autograph book of a local young lady.
It is said to have been inspired by the Dereham Zeppelin Raid.

Church Street 2004

Church Street 2004 showing the ugly Inland Revenue building where the White Lion once stood

Crown, early '60s

Crown Place

Crown Place

Crown Place where the old Crown stood.